AdSense: Data Update Frequency

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a minor addiction in checking their AdSense statistics. The Overview page shows the running total of that day’s earnings. Many have asked, how often does this figure update? So I thought I’d figure that out.

Pretty simple; I just needed to check the figure every minute of the day and make a note when it had changed. A handy script completely automated the process. This is the result:

Each line marks an update (Numbers on the Mac isn’t very good with histograms). I wasn’t collecting data every minute for the first couple of hours, hence the bunched up markings. Updates during the day weren’t entirely regular, but they did generally occur once every hour at around 40-50 minutes past the hour. Each update seemed to take a minute or two longer than the last, so the exact time is properly always in flux.

This was an important piece of information to know in order to carry out my next experiment. Stay tuned.

Update: Grab the script and collect your own data, plus a whole lot more.

 Tags: AdSense   Published: 1st March '11

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Thanks for sharing. I wonder what mad scientist experiment you have coming.

Keith Mander

Cheers Clayton. I hope to write some more posts in the VRE realm so that more friends can understand what the hell it is that I do.

I’m building something pretty simple that provides some AdSense information I’d find kinda interesting and might interest others; nothing too mind-blowing just yet.

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