Sources of Inspiration

I’m not sure if inspiration is the right word (it falls under a category of words that I consider shouldn’t be used lightly – awesome being another), but I’ve found that the below sites do arouse new ideas, leave me in wonder, or just provide some entertainment:

  • Springwise: Showcases innovative enterprises from around the world in a post-a-day blog format. I rarely fail to read every single entry.
  • TED: An obvious contender that needs little introduction. Definitely a life-goal to one day attend the conference in person.
  • Radiolab: A bi-weekly podcast. A lot of new science and philosophical stuff, told through anecdotes and interviews. Restores hope of the future of radio.
  • The Do Lectures: Much like TED, but features mostly British folk who’ve done interesting things, rather than cutting edge science.
  • Zen Habits: A popular life-design blog with nauseating self-help stuff, but it’s actually quite good.
  • Showcases the latest in online startups.

I’ve put this list together for the exclusive reason that I hope that some like minded folk might share their favourite resources that I can add to my collection.

 Tags: Random   Published: 28th February '11

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John Ndege

I would add to that list too!

Keith Mander

Thanks my man – gonna give that one a whirl.

Keith Mander

& your blog, of course.