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Chiang Mai Co-working Spaces, December 2016

A thousand blogs have already put together vastly superior lists of coworking spaces in Chiang Mai. Things either close or move location very quick in this town, so the below list serves to be a more up-to date list (at time of press; December 2016). If you read this months later, then your mileage may vary.

  • The Brick Space: proper coworking space, backed by the Government, so I understand. Nor far from PunSpace and still very quiet. More Thai’s than foreigners, which is refreshing.
  • Punspace: the most well known space. Two locations; Nimman and Thai Pae Gate.
  • StarWork: more formal space with daily/monthly membership options.
  • CAMP: busy space on the top floor of Maya mall. Sponsored by AIS telcom. Fast internet.
  • MANA: mini coworking space in Nimman.
  • Addicted to work: medium-sized space hidden away at the back of Nimman.
  • Elephant Cafe & Coworking: Thai-student focused coffee shop. No membership requirement.
  • TCDC Library: gallery/library space. Nice environment. Requires (cheap) membership.
  • Chiang Mai University Library: never went myself.
  • Co-working Cafe: Really just a cafe using the buzzword; no membership required. Far out out town. Very quiet.
  • Wake-up Cafe: one location on Nimman, another near the University. Really just a 24-hour Starbucks with more desks. Many Thai students.
  • Wide-Awake 24hours: a Thai student coffee shop.
  • Startup Cafe: yet another coffee shop borrowing a buzzword.

+1,000 work-friendly cafes. Some popular hot spots so popular with nomads, that they might as well be coworking spaces: Overstand9th Street Cafe, Ombra, and Librarista.

Following spaces are now CLOSED:

  • Bibie
  • Coffee Monster
  • Kawah Cafe
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