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Uber wishlist

Some relatively obvious ways Uber could be better:

  • In-app messaging. Useful to communicate your location via a message. But switching to SMS creates friction in the process and messages can get ignored. Inline messaging would be unavoidable. Phone calls could also be facilitated over IP.
  • Display toll charges. Email receipts break down the charges, but neglect to have transparency on the amount paid for tolls.
  • En-route fare approximation. Avoid any surprise with a live estimation of the total fare.
  • Hail light. Press a button and the phone turns into a strobing light to help the driver find you in the final metres.
  • Tipping. Post-rating, have the option to surprise the driver with a wee tip. In some markets, Uber is too cheap.
  • Opt-in to surge price. Jump the queue and by opting-into higher pricing.
  • D.N.D. request. Press a button before you ride to suggest your preference for some peace and quiet.
  • Pre-order. The most frequent user request. Too much of a gamble to rely on availability the morning of an urgent trip.
  • “Shift-end” discount. Drivers could state that they’re heading home and an algo could attempt to match them to a user who wants to head in that general direction with a discount to boot; win-win.
  • Deflect sting operations. There are markets where private/taxi drivers are conducting sting operations; requesting cars to find out license plates/drivers on their turf and then intimidating them. Systematic measures could be put in place to curb this.
 Tags: Random   Published: 24th September '15