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Under the (scooter)hood

I like to be prepared as much as I like lists. Here’s a rundown of items that could be stored in a scooter compartment:

  • Poncho
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Phone ‘Powerbank’ + cable
  • Sarong for impromptu temple visits
  • Glasses (clear for night anti-bug driving + UV for sunlight)
  • Pollution mask
  • Rag for wiping the seat/cleaning mirrors
  • Old fashioned road map
  • Jumper for cold rides
  • Some water
  • Pen & paper
  • Torch
  • Tiny bit of extra petrol
  • Shirt, pants + toothbrush for unexpected overnight stays
  • Bug spray + post-bite herbal oil
  • Copy of your passport
  • Bike papers
  • Secret money stash
  • Betadine + bandage + plasters
  • Toilet paper
  • Bungee cord


 Tags: Random   Published: 24th June '14

Coworking spaces in Bali

Thanks to improving internet speeds, Bali is becoming a growing destination for digital nomads. With that, there’s a growing number of coworking spaces to shelter these folk:

June 2017: New additions.

 Tags: Random   Published: 13th June '14