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2011 Resolutions

2010 came and went without writing any resolutions or reviewing the year before, yet it turned out to be quite eventful. This is the year of getting stuff done. Here’s this year’s goals:

  • Read at least 12-books and post some review snippets.
  • Share some more ideas from my magical black book.
  • Create some form of fitness habit.
  • Get more serious with the business.
  • Hit some revenue goals throughout the year.
  • Treat myself to an extended trip to a tropical island (if above goal is met).
  • Do something more meaningful with my dream diary.
  • Write a novelette.
 Tags: Random   Published: 29th January '11

Some More Trees, Please

Continuing the tradition (2008, 2009), I’ve tallied up all the flights taken in 2010 and offset the damage. Relatively less milage in the past year, with 33-flights creating 8.215 tonnes of the nasty stuff. A payment for £61.61 has apparently gone to grow some nice green trees, somewhere. Am I making a difference?

 Tags: Random   Published: 28th January '11