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A Carbon Free Me

With Google Cache as my witness, I made the promise at the beginning of 2009 to make amends with Ms. Gaia and offset the carbon that’d I consume during the year.

Well here I am, ready to make my offerings. During the year, I kept a log of all my travels and have since plugged the details into this handy flight emissions calculator. The tally came to a total of 44-flights and 37,330 km travelled (just 1 flight short of my 2008 total, but with 50% less distance). In carbon terms, this amounts to 10.9 tons of C02.

Picking a company to offset the carbon with proved tricky and I ended up opting for – mainly because they’re backed by JPMorgan and that their website is pretty snazzy. The final bill came to 96.06 regal pounds. Does my soul feel a little bit better? Not really, no.

 Tags: Random   Published: 23rd March '10

Visualising Square Meterage

Us islanders opt to describe property in terms of its number of living areas and bedrooms, whilst of course making liberal use of deceiving adjectives (cosy, charming etc). Our continental cousins however, also talk about square footage – something we simply struggle to fathom.

I had a poke around the interweb for some guidance and bar installing fancy home design software, there wasn’t much I could find which would help me appreciate what exactly one could do with a 23m² room and whether or not you could swing a cat. With MS Paint (or rather, a nice Mac equivalent) in hand, I chucked a few furnishings into a 15m² room (which seems to be the lower quartile point) to see the results. Scaling this up to 35m² gives a sense of how much additional space you’d have to play with. Here’s the image:

Verdict? 20m² is ample for me and my random collection of rubbish.

 Tags: Random   Published: 18th March '10

Blog Reincarnation has experienced its second painful fatality, with zero updates in the past 5-months. To keep the angry mob at bay, I’ll have another stab at bringing it back to life. Like the Phoenix, the new birth promises a fresh start of mythical proportions – hopefully just without the fire and ash.

To prevent this perilous downtown from reappearing in the future (or at least in the next month or so), I’ve spent a couple of hours churning out a few posts which will are scheduled to automatically be published over the next couple of weeks. Hip-hip-hooray.

 Tags: Blog   Published: 16th March '10