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Ski Tails

It’s been a while since I last shared a weird and whacky invention, but the wait is over.

First, let me share the back story. I’m usually the slow coach in our skiing gang and trail behind the others as we descend a piste. Everyone tends to look the same (especially if your jacket colour matches that worn by the entire ski instructor contingent) so it can become tricky to keep tabs on where your buddies end up.

But fret not, for SkiTails (patent pending) will solve all of your piste-people-spotting woes. The gizmo clips onto your jacket or bag and projects a shiny steamer behind you, providing you pick up a wee bit of speed. Easy to spot for others and the skier enjoys a nice flicking/fluttering sound to emphasis their speed.

Here’s Steve donning an early proof-of-concept prototype:

Ski Tails

The commercial prospects aren’t that shabby. They’d be very cheap to produce and distribute and I’m sure Sport 2000/Intersport, the major two ski resort retailers, could be convinced to stock a POS unit on a risk-free basis (ie. providing a buy-back on unsold inventory). Mass-customisation might also be an interesting twist.

Like all good technology enterprises, the key now is to reiterate on the product. Next year shall see a series of trials to test different materials and storage/release mechanisms. You should expect to see SkiTails in all good stockists (alongside JML products) soon.

 Tags: Random   Published: 12th March '09