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Dreaming of 2008

Here’s a not particularly pretty graph which shows the number of dreams that I wrote down each day in 2008:

Dream Graph 2008

We all dream each and every night, the tricky part is having the discipline to wake up and write them down (and if you don’t, you’ve got practically no chance of remembering it the next day). Some of the dreams were really detailed, while also quite random. Here’s an example from the 3rd April which, with the return of Bauer, is quite apt. Names have been removed to protect the innocent.

I see Jack Bauer and he is with a criminal that has been caught. The criminal is lying on the ground and is hurt. Jack wants to know more about another guy that has got away. He asks for info on what kind of guy he is.

In the next scene, a boy is with his mother (played by X) in a convertible car on their way home. The boy comments that the criminal goes home in a nice car and that he has lots of connections. They go past a car with a man inside holding a rifle.

They arrive home which is a petrol station. The power has just been cut off. The mother is in the room and uses a torch to shine light into the room.

The sister puts on the radio. I turn it off. I lie in bed. A man comes into the room and says “you’re the one who locked the door” and laughs. I throw some rocks at the guy and he then jumps to the side of the bed.

I wake up (at 4AM) feeling very confused and scanned around the room thinking that this was real and that someone was there.

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Carbon neutral Keith

I tallied up all the flights of 2008 and used a flight emissions calculator to assess the damage. I took 45 individual flights and travelled 77,590 km. That cost mother Earth 17.1 Tons of CO2, and would’ve set me back 147.49 Royal Pounds (according to Ouch!

Now, since I wasn’t conscious about these said costs, I’ll bail out on paying my dues for last year. However, I vouch that for 2009, I’ll offset the entire carbon footrprint from my flights.

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2009 Resolutions

Here we go:

  • Get a driving license.
  • See some more of Ireland.
  • Read more (at least 12-books, to be specific).
  • Consume less sugar – for real.
  • Travel to some targeted locations.
  • Do some something actually quite daring.
  • Perform some housekeeping on side-projects.
  • Consolidate ideas and effectively priortise tasks.
  • Be carbon neutral on flights.

The most excellent blog Zenhabits provides advice on more efficient living. I highly recommend a very short post about the Power of Less.

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2008 Review

Continuing on from the prior mid-year review, it’s time for a recap of the year that was 2008.

As before, I’ve adopted a traffic-light rating to complement the corporate-esque roundup of the resolutions that I set at the beginning of the year.

Read more: Amber
I read more in 2008 than preceding years, but it was still a pretty feeble attempt – with just 6 or 7 books read. I did manage to polish off a book in a single week during the Crimbo festivities, so it can be done. 12-books will become my aggressive goal for ’09.

Do some daring things: Amber
Changing job and stripping bear in front of  2,500 Dubliners isn’t too bad. Just not exactly what I had in mind. I rather had the idea of being in a play or some other kind of activity to push my comfort-boundary. I’ll give an overly harsh Amber rating to punish me on this one.

Consume less sugar: Red
The office Pizza oven and endless supply of chocolate really didn’t help with this one. However, I’ve taken a recent fancy to salads and veggies, so all is not lost.

Be more focused: Amber
I’m not entirely sure what I exactly meant by this.

Travel to more exotic places: Green
The second half of 2008 was a more quiet affair, but I still managed to visit 12-countries across 4-continents in a single year. Highlights included a couple of skiing trips and a road-trip around California. Zanzibar still picks up the prize for the most exotic location, but I think I need to step it up in ’09. My ambitious travel wish-list for this year currently is as follows: Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Reykjavik, Hong Kong, Milan, Jordan, New York, Vienna, Rome, and Rarotonga.

Become illustriousness for something: Red
I’m still just a regular Joe. How wants to be famous anyway?

Embark on building a virtual real estate empire: Green
Still a bit all over the shop, but good good groundwork has been laid during the year. The acquisition of BusSongs has proved to be highly successful. Thereafter, I also snapped up and which booth need to prove their worth in the year ahead.

Restart my dream diary: Amber
Started off very well, clocking in a tun off dreams in the early months. My patience wore thin during the Summer stretch (perhaps increased daylight makes it more difficult to recall dreams?) and has started to pick up again on the approach to year-end. I still enjoy it and really want to stick with it in ’09. I’ll post some comprehensive analysis shortly.

I trust you had a kick-ass 2008.

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As an experiment, I wanted to try my hand at creating a niche-content from scratch. I grabbed one of the domains I registered a few months back, outsourced the research and creation of the content and after around a week I have, a site providing advice and tips to help prepare for an interview. Screenshot

The site cost a grand total of $95.15 to create ($88 for the outsourced content writing & $7.15 for 1-years domain registration with GoDaddy) and took around 2-hours to project manage. Admittedly, I did also spend some 5-hours to fiddle with the site’s design. However, this would be a one-off task and additional sites could be launched with the same template in under 3-hours in total.

My goal is that the site might earn $1/day in advertising revenue. I suspect that this is overly ambitious. But if it can be done, then this could be a profitable model; whereby sites could be quickly churned out (a site a week would be certainly feasible) and bring in lots of small amounts of revenue.

Update: I couldn’t help but give the site another aesthetic update. A gray colour scheme is a bit easier on the eye than the lime green. Do you think it’s better?

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Check Your Links

If you’re in the affiliate game, I highly recommend that you take 20-minutes and double-check your links every once in a while.

I finally was able to debug an anomaly in recent site earnings to discover that I was using an invalid affiliate link. A wee mishap that has left me missing out on ~$575 of revenue. Very sour experience indeed, but a valuable learning lesson nevertheless.

Update: The amazing folk at Glispa were able to do some of their own investigating and reassign some missing sales to myself – an amazing service. Special thanks to Brian & Andre.

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Farewell Google, Hello Facebook

I’ve decided to take the plunge and say farewell to Google. It was a tough decision to make and I’ll greatly miss the company, people, and food. I’ll be joining Facebook as they open up shop here in good old Dublin and I’m pumped about being in a startup environment for a product that is seeing tremendous growth.

I’ve talked about Facebook a few times on my blog in the past. It’s worth reiterating that these are personal opinions and were all written quite some time ago. Here’s a recap of my Facebook-related ramblings:

My LinkedIn profile and CV have been given the obligatory update.

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