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Bump in the Night

Take #2 for my newly formed sleep laboratory. My previous attempt at recording nightly sounds revealed nothing particularly interesting, but after some trial and error I’ve finally figured out how to record nighttime video using a borrowed Japanese camcorder. A single frame was captured every second, and then later sped up and compressed down from 7 hours to produce this 3 minute masterpiece.

It’s really freaky to see how much that I moved during the night and some of the fairly odd positions that I ended up in. I’ll have another stab at this if I can get my mitts on a decent tripod. Enjoy.

 Tags: Dreams, Random   Published: 22nd July '08

Montenegro Extreme

Montenegro opened up .me domain registrations earlier today. Within the first few hour, most dictionary words had been snapped up. I was a bit slow off the mark, but managed to bag a couple of beauties: and The plan of attack is to reach out to Skype and companies called Extreme to see if they’d want them, albeit for a nominal sum of course.

There are still some half decent domains available. To spot some of them, use a handy crossworld helper to dig up all the words with the ‘me’ suffix and the plug the results into a bulk lookup to reveal what’s still available. Some discoveries included,,, and

Update: My dreams of riches have been quickly dashed. Godaddy was inundated with registrations and thanks to a minor delay in refreshing the database, they incorrectly listed domains as available. A quick Twitter search reveals that for a brief time, I apparently shared ownership of with at least a dozen other folk. Ho-hum.

 Tags: Business, Internet   Published: 17th July '08

Lick of Paint

I’ve given the blog a minor cosmetic surgery. Humongous thanks to Yasser for the groovy photos. More to come when I get a chance. Lovely jubbly.

 Tags: Random   Published: 14th July '08

Sporting Jewelry

I’ll end this triple-whammy blog update with another thought; why do professional sportsmen insist on wearing jewelry? Take last weekend’s woman’s final at Wimbledon; both Williams sisters donned chunky looking earrings during the match (as modeled below).

And it’s not just limited to Tennis. Jewelry is a common sight in many athletic events – which is even more daft given the extreme measures taken by athletes to be as speedy as possible; such as having short/no hair or wearing ultra-light fabrics.

Surely, if a pair of earrings or a necklace might slow you down by a fraction of a second, it’d be worth not wearing? Moreover, I can’t imagine that pelting yourself down a track at full-speed with a chunk of metal swinging from your ears is particularly comfortable. On the other hand, maybe the sentimental value provides a strong enough placebo that it actually enhances performance?

Either way, my pearl of wisdom to Serena would be for her to leave the bling at home – she might then have a better chance of beating her big sis.

 Tags: Random   Published: 8th July '08

Humble White Loo

I often find myself day-dreaming about my dream apartment – from its layout to its design. I’ve even started to jot down a list of notes; which I agree is both retentive and somewhat disturbing. One item not to make the list is a white toilet (or sink and shower for that matter).

I’ve watched a fair few design/property-esque programmes in my time and despite the often incredible creation of the owner; they almost always resort to installing a set of bland white fixtures in the bathroom. White does of course make these otherwise small spaces appear larger; but I think this is compensated by a more warm and relaxing space that a splash of colour (or darkness) could bring.

White kitchen appliances became stainless steel, and the grey computer now comes in every colour imaginable – maybe it’s time for the loo to move forward.

 Tags: Random   Published: 8th July '08

Happy Birthday Gordon

Allow me to introduce Gordon, my pet Goldfish. My memory is a little sketchy, but I’m reckoning that Gordon came into my life shortly after my 12th Birthday (thanks Richard), making Gordon the grand old age of 12-years. To celebrate the occasion, we’ll be giving him the coveted gift of a 30p bag of water fleas – quite a delicacy.

 Tags: Random   Published: 8th July '08