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The Bugs Are Back

Just when you thought the infamous bug restaurant idea had been truly shelved, it’s now back in the limelight thanks to an interesting call from BBC’s Dragons’ Den. An official press release will ensue.

Update: I’m waiting to speak to the Beeb in the next few days.

 Tags: Business, Ideas   Published: 20th March '08

The Essential Dreamers’ Kit

My dreaming kit is steadily growing and now consists of the following items:

  • Philips ‘Wake-up’ light alarm clock.
  • Trusty notepad & felt-tip pen.
  • Mind-bending lava lamp.
  • Dictaphone.
  • Ceiling dream sign.

Dreamers Kit

Of course, I’m not yet completely satisfied. First up, I have my eyes set on getting myself the REM Dreamer; a €130 gizmo that touts that it can help induce lucid dreams. By flashing lights during the REM (dreaming) stage of sleep, it’s suggested that you will recognise these lights and this will lead you to recognise that you’re dreaming.

I’m also quite tempted to test out the SleepTracker watch, a device that only wakes you up in the period of time after a dream when you’re moving around (you’re typically paralysed when dreaming). The end result is that you’re less likely to be interrupted during a dream and wake up grumpy, or not be able to recollect the dream.

Tonight, I’ll be conducting a wee experiment to see what noises I make during the night, achieved by hooking up the laptop to record sound with a microphone. I’d love to set up a time-lapsed video recorder also, but I think it might require an upgrade to a night-vision camera.

Update: It looks like that with the exception of a single burp, I sleep like a baby.

Sleep Recording

 Tags: Dreams   Published: 17th March '08

Wiki’s for the Rest of Us

Thanks to Wikipedia, most folk have a good grasp of what a Wiki is, but they’d rarely consider creating one for themselves. It’s certainly a technology with a limited application, but in some scenarios it can be surprisingly useful.

To explain how, check out the below video created by Common Craft, who use neat sketches to explain technological concepts using simple analogies.

Organising our ski trip last year got a little messy; with information scattered across long email threads that made coordination cumbersome. This year, the geek inside me suggested that we gave a Wiki a whirl.

Snowfun Wiki

I opted to use Jottit – a lightweight, super easy to use, and commercial-free Wiki platform. The above screenshot shows how we’ve used the Wiki to keep notes of our bookings, outline things we need to do, and jot down items to bring with us.

 Tags: Internet   Published: 5th March '08

A Different Kind of Dream Sign

Talking of dream signs, I thought I’d stick a real one on the ceiling to give me a gentle reminder:

Dream Sign

 Tags: Dreams   Published: 4th March '08

Crocodile Dreams

Thanks to my trusty new dream diary, my dream recall has gone through the roof – clocking in an impressive 9 11 dreams in just the past few days. Curiously, I’m discovering that crocodiles have become a reoccurring feature. According to Dream Moods, this means the following:

To see a crocodile in your dream, forewarns of hidden danger. Someone near you is giving you bad advice and is trying to sway you into poor decisions. The crocodile may be an aspect of yourself and your aggressive and “snappy” attitude. Or maybe it reveals that you have displayed some false emotions and shedding “crocodile tears”.

To dream that you are chased or bitten by a crocodile, denotes disappointments in love and in business.

Oh dear.


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Scaffold Advertising

In comparison to the rest of Europe, one rarely comes across scaffold advertising in Ireland or the UK. I think this is a bit of pity since it’s more attractive than seeing bare scaffolding or a green mesh, provides means of subsidising the cost of the repair work, older buildings are more likely to be in prime positions and larger in size (I presume), provides a longer life span than typical billboards, and gives the advertiser a huge canvas to be creative.

I suspect there might be room for an emerging form of agency that brokers deals between media planning agencies and local scaffolding businesses.

Maybe I’m missing an obvious reason why it doesn’t really exist here? Restrictive planning permissions? Please post your thoughts.

Here is one that I spotted in Dublin (click to expand):

Scaffold Advertising in Dublin

 Tags: Business   Published: 2nd March '08