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Bump in the Night

Take #2 for my newly formed sleep laboratory. My previous attempt at recording nightly sounds revealed nothing particularly interesting, but after some trial and error I’ve finally figured out how to record nighttime video using a borrowed Japanese camcorder. A single frame was captured every second, and then later sped up and compressed down from 7 hours to produce this 3 minute masterpiece.

It’s really freaky to see how much that I moved during the night and some of the fairly odd positions that I ended up in. I’ll have another stab at this if I can get my mitts on a decent tripod. Enjoy.

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The Essential Dreamers’ Kit

My dreaming kit is steadily growing and now consists of the following items:

  • Philips ‘Wake-up’ light alarm clock.
  • Trusty notepad & felt-tip pen.
  • Mind-bending lava lamp.
  • Dictaphone.
  • Ceiling dream sign.

Dreamers Kit

Of course, I’m not yet completely satisfied. First up, I have my eyes set on getting myself the REM Dreamer; a €130 gizmo that touts that it can help induce lucid dreams. By flashing lights during the REM (dreaming) stage of sleep, it’s suggested that you will recognise these lights and this will lead you to recognise that you’re dreaming.

I’m also quite tempted to test out the SleepTracker watch, a device that only wakes you up in the period of time after a dream when you’re moving around (you’re typically paralysed when dreaming). The end result is that you’re less likely to be interrupted during a dream and wake up grumpy, or not be able to recollect the dream.

Tonight, I’ll be conducting a wee experiment to see what noises I make during the night, achieved by hooking up the laptop to record sound with a microphone. I’d love to set up a time-lapsed video recorder also, but I think it might require an upgrade to a night-vision camera.

Update: It looks like that with the exception of a single burp, I sleep like a baby.

Sleep Recording

 Tags: Dreams   Published: 17th March '08

A Different Kind of Dream Sign

Talking of dream signs, I thought I’d stick a real one on the ceiling to give me a gentle reminder:

Dream Sign

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Crocodile Dreams

Thanks to my trusty new dream diary, my dream recall has gone through the roof – clocking in an impressive 9 11 dreams in just the past few days. Curiously, I’m discovering that crocodiles have become a reoccurring feature. According to Dream Moods, this means the following:

To see a crocodile in your dream, forewarns of hidden danger. Someone near you is giving you bad advice and is trying to sway you into poor decisions. The crocodile may be an aspect of yourself and your aggressive and “snappy” attitude. Or maybe it reveals that you have displayed some false emotions and shedding “crocodile tears”.

To dream that you are chased or bitten by a crocodile, denotes disappointments in love and in business.

Oh dear.


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Wonderful World of Dreams

I have a great interest in dreaming and believe it can play a really important role in our waking lives. On the path to lucid dreaming (a truly fascinating topic) I must first actively complete a dream diary. This entails scribbling down notes as soon as I wake up from each and every dream, even if it’s 4 in the morning.

Fearing possible libel suits, I shall not be posting the entries online this time around. However, you can still read the posts from the diary I created 3-years ago on my old blog. Reading back these posts, I can practically remember them as vividly as if they were aged memories from my waking life.

Here are some examples of the wonderful and often just plain weird entries:

Attacking Rats:

I was walking home, going past Edward’s house. I looked up into the trees and saw what I believed to be rats, although they looked more like beavers with a menacing open mouth. One of them lunged from the tree and quickly ran up to me and bit into my trainers. I noticed that I was wearing no socks but instead had a sock in my hand which was full of something. I then hit the creature with the sock and woke up.

Fruit market on another world:

I had somehow been given a special telescope with the ability to see great distances, seeing planets with great detail. I however needed to be in the sea to use the telescope. I ran around in a computer game fashion trying to find a big red circle checkpoint. I found a boat docked by a wooden pier with two people manning it. I joked around with one guy then got in a boat and haggled with the woman owner who I believe was Australian and who had a really bad attitude.Next, I remember looking through the telescope randomly at a star. As I focused, I actually found myself gliding towards where I was focusing until I was actually physically present there. The sky was rapidly moving and dark blue in colour. The beach was made up of layers of fruit, many exotic (I can remember Pineapple) although I recall no smell. I then was firmly landed in between a row of fruit where a woman was sorting through the fruit like a librarian.I then had a vision of three other woman entering the planet through a lift, and I had the feeling that they had the intention of bringing me back to Earth. I grabbed the lady (who I noticed had a tattoo underneath her belly button) and decided to use the lift myself.

Update: For those who’ve told me that they don’t dream, or cannot recall them, check out this guide to remembering your dreams.

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