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Introducing SUMO

I’ve been absent from this blog for just shy of a year. Humble apologies. Alas, I have been keeping myself busy, promise.

A relatively recent business adventure involves producing a delightful ice cream scoop, dubbed SUMO, which is sold exclusively (for now) on Amazon. Here’s a glitzy lifestyle shot, as they call it:

Ice Cream Scoop (By Wanderbites Studio)-101 copy

 Tags: Business, Introducing   Published: 25th May '15


A new site has joined the Lunatude family; It’s my biggest acquisition to date and represents a huge opportunity to grow the business.

The website provides guidance on where users can obtain “freebies” (ie. free products, trials for services, free samples and so on) and makes some revenue through partnerships with companies offering some kind of free offer.

Here’s the current homepage, which will be getting a fresh lick of paint in due course:


 Tags: Introducing   Published: 3rd January '13


The M&A team at Lunatude have been busy. I’ve been speaking with webmasters for months and finally stumbled onto a site fitting for my portfolio. is an online repository of fan fiction for the insanely popular Twilight series.

Users come along and share their stories. Others can edit and review these stories. Pretty simple. The site is in need of some serious TLC; it’s experiencing falling traffic and growing competition. It’ll be a challenge, but it may just pay off.

Here’s the current homepage:

Want to see an example story? Try Dream’s Shadow, apparently it’s quite popular.

Redevelopment work has begun in earnest and an all new design should appear in a couple of weeks time.

I’ve tagged this, and some other posts, with the all new Introducing tag, so you can see a list of the other sites I’ve toyed with over the years.

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I’ve acquired a new site that peddles another informational product, although this time it’s not cleaning related. is geared towards fans of the popular Mafia Wars game that has taken Facebook and MySpace by storm in recent months.

For a mere 20-bucks, I can tell you a few tricks to get the edge in the game and become the don. You have to wade through the sales copy first, of course. Competition is fairly non-existent and there is already a small but strong band of affiliates taking the brunt of performing promotional activities. Fingers crossed.

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As an experiment, I wanted to try my hand at creating a niche-content from scratch. I grabbed one of the domains I registered a few months back, outsourced the research and creation of the content and after around a week I have, a site providing advice and tips to help prepare for an interview. Screenshot

The site cost a grand total of $95.15 to create ($88 for the outsourced content writing & $7.15 for 1-years domain registration with GoDaddy) and took around 2-hours to project manage. Admittedly, I did also spend some 5-hours to fiddle with the site’s design. However, this would be a one-off task and additional sites could be launched with the same template in under 3-hours in total.

My goal is that the site might earn $1/day in advertising revenue. I suspect that this is overly ambitious. But if it can be done, then this could be a profitable model; whereby sites could be quickly churned out (a site a week would be certainly feasible) and bring in lots of small amounts of revenue.

Update: I couldn’t help but give the site another aesthetic update. A gray colour scheme is a bit easier on the eye than the lime green. Do you think it’s better?

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Feast your eyes on another oddball addition to Mander Enterprises. offers an ‘information product’, a posh way of saying a paid-for PDF.

For a mere $9.95, I’ll tell you how one can remove the nasty residue left from cleaning products such as Orange Glo. However, you’ll first have to navigate through the multi-colour/font wonder that is the 1,500 word sales letter.

Traffic is purely organic and sales continue to trickle in. Interestingly, it has a tendency to pick up on Sunday’s – the holy day for DIY.

I’ve long fancied to operate one of these sites as it requires two essential tasks: buying as much traffic as possible that can provide a demonstrable ROI; and improving conversion rates through split-testing techniques I’ve previously talked about.

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There are bargains galore on site-buying marketplaces such as SitePoint and as the good man Buffet says: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful”.

I’ve decided to have another punt with the purchase of It’s an online Mafia game, one of these MMORG things where you, well… actually, I haven’t quite figured out how to play the game yet. Here is what the game looks like (after you’ve created an account):

Mafia Unit

By my last count, there are around 40 other Mafia-themed games that compete head-on with Mafia Unit. However, over the coming months I plan on radically transforming the UI and feature-set to make it simply the best Mafia game in existence.

Interestingly, I just read that a similar game on Facebook called Mob Wars has some 2.5 million active users and is cited to be one of the most profitable Facebook apps. Mafia Unit has some 3,000 users, so we definitely need to catch up a little. My stretch goal is that by February 1st, we’ll have 30,000 users and 1,000 7-day active users.

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Introducing a spanking new version of Race Card Generator; a tool for UK bookmakers to create and print race cards on-the-fly. Data is dynamically pulled in from an external source and mashed into a template. Looks simple, but it’s incredibly smart.

Here’s the main screen which pulls in racecards available for today: 

And here is an example of a produced racecard, in PDF format:

Access to the tool is available for a modest service charge, drop me a note if you want to find out more. Props to my man Jack for his superb website development work.

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The empire is growing. I’m pleased to announce that the antitrust regulators have approved the acquisition of – a site containing the lyrics to a bunch of children’s nursery rhymes.

Jack has helped me out with giving the site a much needed facelift. Here’s a before and after:

Drop me a line or leave a comment if you have any ideas for improving the site. More news to come as the site develops.

 Tags: Business, Introducing   Published: 27th May '08